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Besom Blessings Circle

Besom Blessings Circle

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Join me Friday October 13th for an evening of creative divination as we craft our very own  brooms and share in the lore of the Witches Besom!   The 'besom' is a magical tool that has been used for centuries for the purpose of cleansing sacred space and for connecting to the spirit world.   Whether you wish to use your broom for decorative purposes or as a magical tool, the process will be sure to help you reconnect and remember the power that is alive within you.  

All supplies will be provided for you to bring your broom to life.  We will work with dried florals, ribbons and feathers to embellish the besom and as always you are free to bring any special items you wish to incorporate.  It will take roughly 1.5 hours to create your magical broom and you are invited to stick around for some snacks and a visit around the fire.  Oracle and tarot decks will be available should you feel called to inquire with the divine.

Blessings Witches, I hope you will join me!