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Yule Witch Box (December 20th)

Yule Witch Box (December 20th)

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These Witch boxes have manifested as a means to encourage and guide you as foster a deeper connection to Self and the cycles of nature.  I have chosen to launch the first Witch box for the sabbat of Samhain, as it is often referred to as the Witch's New Year.  Celebrating the turning of the wheel offers us a gateway to understanding not just the seasons of mother nature but also how they relate to our human experience.  Take part in seasonal celebrations with collections of carefully hand-picked items that will help you in learning traditional practices and inspire you to create your own seasonal rituals.  Dare to open yourself to limitless possibilities and a deeper connection to the magick within!

Each box will include a variety of seasonal items, to incorporate into your practice.  Some of the things you can look forward to unboxing are items to decorate your altar, herbal remedies, candles, books, oracle, tarot and divination tools, crystals, teas, incense, ritual bath salts, spells, craft projects and mindfulness practices.  As a Witch of the Light I only make offerings of healing for the highest good of all; no spell or incantation will ever be provided that wills harm to anyone or anything.

Boxes will be created and available for all of the Sabbats: Yule (winter solstice, December 21), Imbolc (February 2), Ostara (spring equinox, March 21), Beltane (May 1), Litha (summer solstice, June 21), Lughnasad or Lammas (August 1), Mabon (autumn equinox, September 21), and Samhain (October 31)  Boxes will be ready 1-2 weeks before the celebration to give you time to familiarize yourself with the items and adorn your sacred space.  

Sign up for all 8, or the 4 major transits of the sun (Summer and Winter Solstice, Spring and Fall Equinox) and receive a discount!  Due to the nature of the products (herbs and herbal remedies) the kit currently cannot be shipped outside of Canada.