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Time To Get Earthwise

The movement towards a more sustainable way of living is gaining momentum and many more folks are opting to become Earthwise and more mindful of their impact as an individual.  It seems we are finally waking up to the idea that if we continue to abuse Mother Earth with carbon emissions and allow plastics and garbage to keep filling our oceans and landscapes there is going to be BIG trouble.  We are finding nano particles of plastics within our sea creatures and the biodiversity of our oceans is suffering because we as humans have been neglectful of the impact we have on the environment we depend on to sustain life. 

Since the 1950's 8.3 billion tons of plastic has been generated around the world and only 23 per cent of those plastics have been recovered or recycled. It is estimated that an additional 12 billion tonnes of plastic will be lost to disposal by 2050.  If you want to be part of the solution there are numerous small changes you can incorporate into your everyday living that over time will have a large impact on the imprint you have on the health of our planet.

Here are our top picks for products that can help to reduce your carbon footprint and replace single use products. 

Corkcicle Canteen #1.  Corkcicle water bottles and tumblers. Did you know that each year over 100 billion single use cups are disposed of? Or that we consume 2.5 billion liters of bottled water every year?  
Made from stainless steel they are highly durable and keep your beverage hot or cold for an insanely long time.  You can say 'sayonara' to single use plastic water bottles and hello to a canteen that is durable and plastic free!


#2. Danica's Market Tote
Made of jute and cotton this totes heavy duty construction and stiff base support is roomy enough to bring home all of your market goods. Plastic bags are a major contributor to soil and water contamination leaching harmful chemicals into the ground with 1 billion bags being handed out in Canada each year.

Reusable Produce Bags Canada                                                                                                                                                                      #3 Reusable produce bags are another way to reduce the use of plastics when shopping at the grocery store.  Many foods actually last longer in the fridge when kept in a breathable cloth bag.  Not only will you be helping reduce the amount of plastic pollution you can also reduce the amount of food waste due to spoiling.                         
It is important to note as well that there are other good shopping practices to take with you to the grocery store.  Not many people take into consideration the great distance much of our produce comes from.  Many of the fresh fruits and vegetables you see in the store have come from locations as far as Ecuador and Mexico.  It has been estimated that 13% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions result from the production and transport of food.  When given the option purchase products that are produced locally or at least as close to home as possible. 


Stasher Bag Eco Friendly
#4  Stasher Silicone Bags
Ditch the single use ziplock and say hello to a multi functional silicone bag that you can use to pack your lunch, cook your supper in and toss in the freezer to store your left overs.  Stasher can take the heat, the cold, and anything else your kitchen dishes out.  Even better part is you can put them in the dishwasher. 
Wild Prairie Shampoo Bar
#5 Solid Shampoo Bars
Bar soaps have a simple list of ingredients involving natural cleansers and fats/oils to clean and nourish the hair without all of the other synthetic chemicals and preservatives found in their bottled friends.  Liquid shampoos are usually about 80% water so bar soaps have a much higher concentrate of product which tends to get you more washes. You do doubly good deeds here by ditching the plastic bottle and keeping toxins out of the water system!  YAY YOU!!


Swedish Dishcloth Eco Friendly



#6 Swedish Dishcloths     Made from cotton and plant-based cellulose fibres, these 100% compostable dishcloths are an established must-have for replacing paper towel.  The sponge like abilities to absorb liquids make them the perfect replacement for paper alternatives.                                      The production of paper towel in the U.S. leads to the deforestation of 110 million trees per year, and the use of 130 billion gallons of water. Comparably huge amounts of energy are required to manufacture and deliver it from the factory to the store, causing plenty of carbon dioxide to be emitted into the atmosphere. After a single use, some 3,000 tons ends up in the landfill annually where it generates methane gas that’s strongly implicated as a cause of climate change.





Stainless Steel Straw
#7 Stainless Steel or Glass Straws
Last year we heard a public out cry from our millennial generation regarding the use of plastic straws when a video of a sea turtle with a plastic straw lodged in its nasal cavity circulated on Facebook. It is common now to find restaurants forgoing straws all together or offering a paper alternative to patrons that can't make do without. 






There are many more sustainable products like wooden handled toothbrushes, natural laundry detergents that keep chemicals out of the waterways or reusable coffee filter in place of the menace k-cups filling landfills.  If it all seems to overwhelming I just encourage you to implement just one thing to help reduce your footprint. Even just reading this post and being aware of the impact the products you choose to use have on the environment and the earths creatures will greatly help to reduce the amount of waste ending up in our landfills and encourage a more sustainable way of living.

Here is to being better stewards of the earth and teaching our children to do the same.