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I'm Big Hearted a Gratitude Journal For kids Little Activities to encourage Gratitude Hardcover Canada

I'm Big Hearted - A Gratitude Journal For Kids

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Being bighearted means you know what you love and who is important to you. It means trying to make the world a little kinder. And it means you get to see just how wonderful you already are!

This fun-filled activity book has lots of ways to teach kids kindness—chances to explore gratefulness and all the joy it can bring. Each page is bursting with bubbly illustrations and a variety of playful prompts—from short fill-ins and drawing activities to checklists and circling preferences. Do one activity each day or take a whole afternoon to explore. Each prompt will help children build empathy, embrace self-discovery, and explore the good feelings gratitude brings!

9"W x 10.75"H
48 pages