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passport holder and luggage tag

Ted Baker Travel Set - Passport Holder & Luggage Tag

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Get ready to jet set with the Ted Baker Luggage Tag and Passport Duo! Featuring the elegant Opal print with hand-drawn Magnolia flowers, this duo will be a lovely feminine touch to your travel accessories. The pocket-style passport holder gives easy access to your photo ID and the tag has a clear panel and adjustable strap. Made with a faux-leather design, they read 'Let's jet set'. Sold in a beautiful 'Truly Gifted' Cirque du Ted gift box, it would make a perfect gift for any travel enthusiast. Make your way into the Big Top as Ted's Greatest Show begins with the eclectic 'Truly Gifted' Cirque du Ted gifting collection. Featuring an art-deco vintage circus vibe, marvel at the tightrope-walking Jaguar wearing a large Ted bow, the vintage lady high diver with a flower cap and giraffes with feather plumes amid luxurious pink and cream accents, epitomising the height of good gifting.